Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Front yard

Grocery carts in the front yard, when you don't live near a grocery store! How long do you think it will stay there?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Trespassing

New neighbors

and they rented out the upstairs and downstairs apartment

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On an East Dayton run

You can find sweet memorabilia from someone's stiff night! I hope they regained the thunder!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Patriotic homeowners

Flyer posted by terrible narc or extremely enthusiastic drug dealer

Katie's Place

• Beer and Wine • Full Bar • Pool Tables • Stage Dancing (Bikini) • Stage Dancing (Topless)

Review #1
Katie's Place • Dayton, Ohio
• May 11, 2009
Visited on: Unknown • Dancers on Shift: Unknown
Ratings: Physical Club: 1 • Dancer Quality: 1 • Dollar Value: 1 • Overall Rating: 1.00 / 10

Stay far away from this place. Total Dive in a rough area. A recent fight inside ended up with fight going outside and ended up in a murder and two others injured. Problem area focused on by the local newspaper.

Review #2
• October 22, 2009
Visited on: Tuesday Afternoon • Dancers on Shift: 1-5
Ratings: Physical Club: 1 • Dancer Quality: 1 • Dollar Value: 2 • Overall Rating: 1.33 / 10

I used to stop here years ago and knew some of the girls there including katie [ the owner]. the night time girls were not to bad. about 2 in the afternoon there were only 2 girls who weighed about 300lb's each and about 50... least it's great for a good laugh!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

thank you Sandy's towing and DPD

Sandy's Towing and Dayton Police Department team up to "stick it" to some all American white trash citizens!! Thank you for that!!

Owner of the car has been arrested 20 times.....winner! Today he is the not so proud recipient of a parking ticket ($45), intox ticket ($125), and towing fee ($200). Hope that "emergency" was worth it!!

Coat hanger use #2

Obvious use #1 for coat hanger, is hanging coats and like objects on it!

Drunken Disturbance

3:15 am: drunk neighbor chick and her drunk boyfriend come home.

3:20 am: drunkies are too drunk to get into drunk neighbor chicks front/side door.

3:22 am: drunk neighbor chick falls and lays on the porch moaning and saying she's going to get "fuckiiiiing siiiiiick".
drunk boyfriend walks to the back of the duplex and up the stairs to the back door and knocks once.

3:25 am: drunk boyfriend punches the back door window out. drunk chicks sexual molester brother wakes up pissed. sexual molester brother and drunk boyfriend argue.

3:28 am: sexual molester brother lets drunk chick in their side of the duplex. they fight loudly. drunk boyfriend tries to "break up" the fight by fighting.

3:30 am: Dayton police department called by "neighbors complaining". drunk chick and sexual molester brother continue to argue over the $400 it will cost for the back door, who buys the toilet paper, who washes drunk chicks dishes, and who cleans up the hallway. drunk boyfriend cleaning the glass.

3:35 am: Dayton police arrive and investigate the "disturbance".

3:37 am: "concerned neighbor" calls police dispatch back to inform that there are 2 children in the home.

3:38 am: Police want to check on the well-being of the children inside the home. drunk boyfriend and sexual molester brother interrogate the police on whether or not "they need a warrant/prolly a fifth degree misdemeanor warrant", to search the home. Dayton police insist they do NOT need a warrant to check on the well-being of people in the home.

3:39 am: all is well and the Dayton police are on their way.

3:40 am: neighbors back to sleep.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

naked porch babies


This blog is a dedication to all things on the East side of Dayton, Ohio.  By all things, I mean the good, bad, funny, etc.!  Living on the East side for 7 years now, I have witnessed so many things that I just wished some one else had seen it with me.  By doing this blog, every one has the opportunity to experience what the East side of Dayton has to offer!!