Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drunken Disturbance

3:15 am: drunk neighbor chick and her drunk boyfriend come home.

3:20 am: drunkies are too drunk to get into drunk neighbor chicks front/side door.

3:22 am: drunk neighbor chick falls and lays on the porch moaning and saying she's going to get "fuckiiiiing siiiiiick".
drunk boyfriend walks to the back of the duplex and up the stairs to the back door and knocks once.

3:25 am: drunk boyfriend punches the back door window out. drunk chicks sexual molester brother wakes up pissed. sexual molester brother and drunk boyfriend argue.

3:28 am: sexual molester brother lets drunk chick in their side of the duplex. they fight loudly. drunk boyfriend tries to "break up" the fight by fighting.

3:30 am: Dayton police department called by "neighbors complaining". drunk chick and sexual molester brother continue to argue over the $400 it will cost for the back door, who buys the toilet paper, who washes drunk chicks dishes, and who cleans up the hallway. drunk boyfriend cleaning the glass.

3:35 am: Dayton police arrive and investigate the "disturbance".

3:37 am: "concerned neighbor" calls police dispatch back to inform that there are 2 children in the home.

3:38 am: Police want to check on the well-being of the children inside the home. drunk boyfriend and sexual molester brother interrogate the police on whether or not "they need a warrant/prolly a fifth degree misdemeanor warrant", to search the home. Dayton police insist they do NOT need a warrant to check on the well-being of people in the home.

3:39 am: all is well and the Dayton police are on their way.

3:40 am: neighbors back to sleep.

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